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thanks for the help

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Someone please, I need some advice here!

That's strange. You started a reverse handler and a connection popped up, right?

Let me explain, You know that big cloud services, got bots to test the files, especially EXE files, it must be one of mediafire bots that executed the file to scan it, Dont worry

Wait, so just by uploading an infected file to mediafire you can compromise it?

What do you mean by compromise? Well if you mean that the website block it then yes, If you use a crypter or veil evasion try not uploading the file to a large file hosting service because most of them distribute samples to anti-virus companies so they can add the encryption algorithm or whatever to their database, Try uploading the file on Speedyshare

I mean, he uploaded an infected file, it got executed and he got a meterpreter session. Isn't that compromise?

If he got a connection, yes it looks like a compromise. It would have been fun to dig more on that shell he got from a random pc, instead of suddenly pull the plug and microwave his ram. Maybe a security problem on their side, maybe just a honeypot that connects back and try to find what are the attacker intentions, looking for more code to be pulled and analyzed.

Don't think reconaissance works just from an attacker to a target. Sometimes, even the target wants to know more about his attacker.

Are you sure that you got a shell? Sometimes sites will connect and you'll send the stage but won't get any farther than that.

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