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Can some one please write tell me step my step on how to use a rainbow table ? i already have the handshake

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What are you running the tables against? What OS? Over a network?

Can you add some more info?

If you have a hashed password and a table, look it up. Simple as that. The idea behind the rainbow table is that if the original is stored with the hash you can just find the hash.. and have the object again!

Can someone help me about rainbow table?

I downloaded all the torrent for 2 TERA BYTE of the tables, the file are splitted in part of 40 GB, and the format of this is .DLT.

I don't know this format.

How i can convert all this files in the .RT format?

I must to make an unique file in a 2 tera of hard disk?

I use win xp, it's right?

I must to use MAC? or linux?

thanks for help.

I wrote a blog post regarding cracking encrypted windows NTLM hashes using Ophcrack (or Cain & Abel), both of which can utilize rainbow tables. Both of these software also have a lot of information on what rainbow tables are and how to effectively utilize them on their websites: Ophcrack & Cain & Abel. Try Googling around yourself also, you can learn a lot that way? :)

After that, if you are still having issues, come back and post specifically what you are trying to do, what you have already tried and what problem you are having. It's hard to address vague and/or general questions that could take pages to explain. Best of luck!

So where is this 2 Terabyte torrent?????

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