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Hello, i want to ask about ransomware virus that encrypt all your files. Is there's any way to de-crypt any of the files ?

With some google searching i didn't find anything specific or something that work, except clear format.

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not really unless you pay the ransom and get the key. your best bet is to keep your files backed up or get really good at cracking crypto ;P


Used it today on a new pc with the same virus, unfortunately didn't work.
Tnx anyway.

No because often there is a time limit after which your data will be destroyed. This time will often be too little to perform cryptoanalysis.

Not without the key or a supercomputer. Make backups and then wipe the infected computer before an attacker can get in your network.

If supercomputers were capable to decrypt the encrypted files then your files are the least of anyone's worries... Imagine that, a supercomputer breaking AES and RSA.

hey there,

It all depends. We got this annoying ransomware twice at work (how can you stop employees from clicking on every attachement :/ ) .

There are different versions of the ransomware and for some versions a dictionnary has been made. Hope you got lucky, we didn't.

For the timer, don't stress. It's a bluff!!! The only risk is if they take down the server (behind tor). Sometimes the server is unreacheable, wait a little bit and try again.

Exactly the same situation actually, they got it 2-3 employees in my work and i was searching some way to save their files but i couldn't find anything, just clear format their pc's. I've just wondering, just in case i got another one.

If you have a back-up, or recovery system you are golden. Otherwise if the data is sensitive, you will most likely have to pay.

They didn't so.. :P
They've lost everything. I guess they have to learn the hard way.

You got RANSOMED!!!! Hahaha

I didn't, but ok :P


The last time I got a letter in the mail from a friend - it was a Cerber ransomware. All my photos are corrupted. It's horrible ((((((

My friend then cured my laptop with the help of this site:

Hi all! My computer was infected with nasty Cerber ransomware and I was like bear with sore head because I opened that word file. And finally, yesterday, I returned all my files back with the help of this removal instruction:

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