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How can you use raspberry pi for hacking?

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for example you can use kali linux for raspberry pi

I see that youre a noob in hacking??

First of all you gotta get terminal and metasploit... you can do this in windows too but I prefer kali.. or any other linux...

Then learn about linux basics then metasploit basics and im pretty sure you'll figure out your own way through there...
You can find linux and metasploit basics guides by clicking that howto button on top;);)

I ment how can you make an external hacking device....Like pineapple?

Or how can you make a firewall from one.Or a cloud.controlling video cameras.etc.etc.Is still hacking my friend

I told you... first you need to learn how to do it from a normak pc.. then im pretty sure you'll figure it out on your own... go learn something first... dont be a scriot kiddie...

Hacking isnt as easy as you think... its not that difficult either...;);)

The answer is yes. Check back here tomorrow for more on hacking with Raspberry Pi.

Wow thats fast.. nice!!;);)

Tis why we're the best hacking community. OTW your a boss.


I made a Wifi-Honeypot <3

So it sends out a Wifi signal with any ID you want and anyone who connects is forwarded to a website on my Pi. This website can then either to a browser-drive by exploitation, could request the user to download a file before he has the wanted "free wifi" (hrm.. backdoor), or it could be a phishoing page that wants the user to login with his or her Facebook to assure a "safe connection as a veryfied person" ;)

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