Forum Thread: Raspberry Pi and Null Byte Feed

Is there a way that I could download each article from null-byte through my raspberry pi and store the webpage and all it's content on an external harddrive. I was thinking about terminal scripts. I'm not looking for a gimme, more of a push in the right direction towards the information.


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You can install linux on your raspberry pi and write a script with that loads null-byte every 10minutes or something like that and then find the title of articles using regex and compare them to the older loaded ones if they were the same do nothing but if they were not it means that there is a new post u can extract its link by using regex and then download the webpage of that post. and then replace the new article's title with the older one (if you don't it will keep downloading it)

It would be very easy if you had access to the website's files.

Sry my english isn't good.

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