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Hello everyone,
It's the first time i post around here, so correct me if i did anything wrong!

I have bought recently a raspberry Pi, and an IR transmitter & reciever.

Right now i had the idea to make a small pc out of my raspberry (i've made it!).

I want to know if it would be possible to write a piece of code so the raspberry "pc" boots up when i send a "start" IR code from my phone to the reciever on the raspberry. (e.x.: I come home, and while i am cooking, i boot up the raspberry from my phone, so i don't need to leave the kitchen...)

The transmittor in my phone is pretty powerfull, so the distance in house won't be a problem... I just need to know if it would be possible to make the raspberry boot from an IR signal, and what i would need to do to make this work.


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I like your idea (; i think this maybe help you
you need to make an IR receiver , here a circuit for that:

Image via

TSOP is the ir receiver like this:

Image via

So what this circuit do is to detect the ir signal and sent it to the L.E.D .
the L.E.D in this circuit is an indicator .

in your case you'll need to change the L.E.D with a switch when the TSOP receive an IR signal it's will close the circuit and then the RaspberryPi will boot.

For the switch you can use a transistor instead of the L.E.D.
I hope this help you ^_^.

Why not just leave the raspberry Pi on all the time? It consumes little power.

Also a raspberry Pi is a minicomputer in itself :P

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