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Hey guys, I've been wanting to learn Linux and code for a long time now. I have a MacBook Pro and a Windows desktop. I've never heard of raspberry pi until yesterday. It looks like a great, inexpensive and really cool way to start learning code. My question is. Does the raspberry pie come with any sort of curriculum? Are there raspberry pi courses online? If I get one and it has Linux on it I am going to be in way above my head. How do I get started using the raspberry pi 3?

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.


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No you should not be "way in over your head". If the sd card, if any card comes with it, comes preinstalled with a linux OS it will make your job easier. If it does then you will need an SD card reader in order to place an operating system which is compatible for ARM architecture on it which is not hard. All you have to do is visit the raspberry pie's website and it will list operating systems compatible with the pie.

Installing linux will be easy if you go for raspbian OS but easy does not mean best. Do some research to see which OS will suit you. For example you could go with arch (i believe it's for the pie) which is way more difficult when it comes to installing but adds a lot more flexibility.

As far as courses i do not know, but this can be figured out with a simple google search, a good place to start would be raspberry pie's website or the forums of whichever OS you install. It depends if you want courses on the hardware side or the software side on the raspberry pie.

Getting started with the raspberry pie:
Assemble it
place an OS on the SD card if it does not come preinstalled
Follow the instructions the OS setup gives you to install
Do whatever tweaks to your linux enviroment you want
Configure it so you're able to ssh into it if wanting (ssh-keygen)
Make a script which copies the root file system in a loop into a new directory with each iteration (No, don't.)

# EOF #

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