Forum Thread: Redirect Users on My AP?

What I am hoping to achieve here is to redirect everyone on my network who visits (eg. Facebook, Xhamster, Tumblr, Google etc....) to my fake website/server.

would be easier if I could just redirect everything.

Is this called "dns spoofing"?

I understand this may be a pretty easy to accomplish, however I am new to the scene; and I am unfamiliar to what this type of attack this might be called. So searching the null-byte forum was a failure on my behalf.

KALI 2.0. (not a virtual machine) on

Thanks for your help :)

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I am not really looking at surveilling my networks activity. however thanks for the info. i learned a thing or 2 from reading the provided post. cheers

Or you could use the new "bettercap"

I just tested this out. pretty strait forward. i captured all Internet activity using that. thanks.

You will want to do a MITM with everybody on the network. So, pretend to be your default gateway. You can arpspoof, and then inject DNS spoofing. So far I haven't been all that successful, but the networks I play on have IDS's :P

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