Forum Thread: Reign of Sadness Is Over — New Writers, Featured Forum Posts

Hello, Null Byte readers!

We on the Null Byte team have been working hard to expand what we have to offer everyone who comes to our community to learn. After a long spell of posts only by SADMIN, you may have noticed we added some additional hackers to our writing crew. If you're interested in writing with Null Byte, and you live in the United States, you can also comment here or message us on Twitter to be considered for a paid writing slot (and to have your posts appear on the front page).

New Hackers, More How-Tos

After working hard the past weeks getting them up and running, I want to introduce some of our new writers who completed their first post. Stay tuned for more new writers whose first posts will roll out over the next few weeks.

Writing an article on network adapters in our office. Image via Null Byte Admin

We also have our returning writer, Barrow, helping with more advanced articles, like our guide on Attacking a Vulnerable Practice Computer: A Guide from Scan to Shell.

In addition, we've been hosting weekly hacker meetups in Los Angeles to write, collaborate, and work on projects, in affiliation with Null Space Labs and Crash Space. If you're near Los Angeles and want to join us, shoot us a message on Twitter @NullByteWHT.

Hacking over the weekend. Image via Null Byte Admin

The Null Byte Forum Community

I see great forum posts from mohamedx, amremad, joeydoesjava, and other authors. That, plus great community engagement by TheUnborn, anonymous_helpdesk, and others, has convinced me it's time to start highlighting forum posts on the front page in a weekly roundup, depending on the number of forum posts that week.

While we can't yet consider writers outside the US for paid writer slots, we're excited to feature hackers who enjoy using Null Byte to share their knowledge and love of technology with others. We're going to be promoting posts from writers that are clear, provide real value, and follow AP Style for spelling, formatting, and grammar. It's also highly recommended prospective writers get Grammarly to catch any small mistakes and check out the following two guides.

Thanks to everyone keeping our community active, and I'm looking forward to seeing more amazing community posts. If you're interested in helping keep our forums active (and maybe helping to start a Discord server for us), let us know your thoughts below!

Cover photo and screenshots by Null Byte Admin

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Awesome to get things moving again for newbs like myself. I have learned a lot from this site, but some of the things are becoming outdated. Nice to see fresh new articles.

We feel the same. If you know anyone who would be a good writer, send them our way!

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