Forum Thread: How to Remain Anonymous Using Kali Linux

So as I've stated before I run Kali Linux and dual boot into Ubuntu. However I have seen a few odd things here and there and was wondering how to number one remain un-noticed as much as possible and also what would be the best or most efficient way to protect myself from others. I heard of using "snort" but I'm sort of unfamiliar with it.

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Use TOR, hide behind a VPN, spoof your MAC, spoof your IP when possible, don't login to personal accounts from the same IP as you use to attack. Possibly use a public wifi connection

I use TOR, I'll use a VPN when I can afford a good one. Okay so I often use "macchanger" after taking down the wlan0 and eth0 using "ifconfig" to change the mac address but how do I spoof it as well as the IP. Thanks again for the tip of different IP when attacking.

Spoofing just means faking it. Therefore changing it is also just fine. Although its not technically spoofing, using "proxychains" will help you disguise your IP. There are several posts on here that can help you.

Use tor with proxychains..

ok so when i use a vpn all my scans go through that vpn and if not how do i route all the traffic through my vpn

use kali anonsurf and 4nonimizer and openvpn and proxychains and tor spoof ip and spoof mac and use mac changer then spoof mac agen

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