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Hi, I need some orientation about anonymity. What the community thing about this scenario.

I want to create a file, with one exploit with Metasploit, I use reversetcp to have access to the test computer, I used Veil.Evasion to aavoid AV detection. In the LHOST I want to use a public IP to have remote access to the test computer but I don't want to use my own public IP address for avoid tracking and maintain the Anonymity.

What do you recommend?? Maybe use a VPN Service and DynamicDNS Service to public the LPORT for the Meterpreter to access?? Other thoughts??


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you can't anonymise yourself using reverse tcp, because the backdoor needs to contact you first, and therefor, it needs your IP

consider using a bind tcp payload.


Thanks, the thing with bind TCP is the test computer in the remote network need to have the firewall disable or not to be protected with a UTM in the corporate network... So do you know some exploit or something to have a remote shell on a remote computer... I thing that the same scenario applies to Netcat right??

yes. the same scenario also applies to netcat.

what you could do, is first use a reversed shell with your IP, and be sure to not make any noise so you don't get detected. then from the reverse shell, make a hole in the firewall (do not disable it, as that would attract the sysadmin's attention), then from the reverse shell, import a bind shell that binds to the port you just created.

then get out of the reverse shell and connect to the bind shell with your chain of proxies (do not make them auto switch like TOR does, or you'll be disconnected after some time) and delete all the tracks you made using with the reverse shell.

also, just a little disclaimer, you are responsible for what you do with this information. i can not be held responsible for you getting arrested or anything of that kind.


Excellent thank you. Thank you for the advice, this scenario is for demonstration purposes only.

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