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Hi..... I 'm interested in starting a personal project that would require assistance from someone with more knowledge in this area than I. I want to work with someone to do the pre-work, then I believe I'm able to perform the exploration and additional work needed to complete the project myself. I have no problem admitting I don't fully understand the complex nature of your work, however that doesn't diminish the respect I have for what you do.

I would be looking for someone to connect to my PC remotely, install Kali, and get a few things setup in Kali for me. Technically I'll be of little help with any of the pre-work needed, but I can make a mean cheesecake to keep you fueled for as long as it takes (unless youre lactose intolerant, then you may have to settle for a plate of cutely arranged apple slices). I've had fresh fish shipped to me up here so I'm sure I could getyou a cheesecake before it rots :)

I want to point out that my project is not intended to cause harm and/or result in anyone going to jail (the orange jumpsuit would totally clash with the color of my eyes ).

In addition, I'd like to work on this outside of the group forums in the beginning, with the understanding that once we've framed appropriately and worked out the details it would get moved back into the group postings and reside in an environment promoting education and where others could potentially benefit.

Sooooo. With that said….. Is there a reputable group or individual you could recommend I contact for this? Are there popular paid services for doing the same type of work referenced in these how-to articles?

I am not made of money, nor does it interest me to be. However I am ready and willing to fairly compensate for the effort involved.

Thank you for your time.

Step 1:

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Wow, what to say here, I mean really. Seems like your offering cheese cake for setting up Kali so you can work on some project you don't want anyone to know about at first.. If you can find a way to send this cheese cake through the null-bytes PM then I'll take it ;)

Are you expressing interest in my project? :) Or just my cheesecake :(

With no details of the project I can only be interested in the cheese cake. I'll give it to you though, it's something I've never seen offered here before.

Some really interesting post here...first time I've seen this on the forums...

Yeah....well what can I say I've never been one to follow the crowd.

But seriously.....I am willing to fairly compensate (via paypal) and I will share project details with whoever helps me. I just don't want it to be public reading material quite yet for the folks in my neck of the woods to gander at. I really don't want to be dodging shotgun shells when I go to get gas at snappy mart. Folks here already give me the stink eye because I didn't join their fancy web squad. Anyways....the cheesecake was just an added bonus. Doesn't pretty much everyone love cheesecake? And since I wouldn't be eating it, I can worry less about squeezing into a bathing suit this summer. See..... its a win-win. You get to shove your face, and I'm one step closer to not looking like the michelin man on the beach.

For now I'll put my apron back on, go back to perfecting my cheesecake, and wait.......Where there's a will, there's a way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I need to cease my comments here please let me original post is an honest query for help, and though I realize my approach may be different, it was not intended to offend anyone or disrespect your forum in any way.

You can definitely trust me.

Are you interested in my project or just my cheesecake too BW?

What kind of skills are you looking for?

I am looking for a super ultra-mega ninja hacker who showers in streams of badassery to come out here to my house, or do this work remotely if they have any breathing problems like asthma or COPD....I did just recently move to place practically nested in the clouds and I don't want to have to bust out a pair of scissors and trach anyone to get them breathing again.

Anyhoooo….. To avoid typing my dream hackers long name I'm going to refer to him as "the doctor".

Once the doctor chooses to come here or do this remotely, he would start by installing Kali Linux on either my MAC, Windows PC or one of the laptops I've got. This is a perfect example of when I would be tapping the good ole doctor for advice.....I will present my options based on what I have or can get, and the doctor will then help me pick the best option and as my neighbor says..."git r done!". After Kali is installed and situated the doctor would then start working on setting up a few hacks for me so that when I was ready I could execute them as needed. For example, remotely hacking android using Kali or hack to control android or windows laptop camera, etc. After reading many of the how-to articles here I am going to have to bust out the classic rock paper scissors method when deciding which ones I want the doctor to setup during the limited time he has. I realize time doesn't grown on trees and either does money so I'll just be picking a select few to have the good doctor setup. What else.....oh yeah I have a small update on my projects urgency. Some recent developments here at home have lowered the priority level I originally had assigned to my project. Regardless of that, I'm still very much committed to making this happen. So with that I'm going to go find a lasso to try and rope you into helping me with my project.

I just can't put my finger on it, but for some reason I just don't trust this guy.

Honestly if you need someone to install kali for you, you really aren't going to be that great using it

I respect your opinion, however I have a different way of looking at this. I do believe that practice makes perfect...... So thats what I'm trying to do. Get setup in a safe environment where I can do just that. Get better.

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