Forum Thread: How to Remotely Gain Control of a Windows 7 PC on the Same Network?

I am new here so bear with me.

I am wanting to remotely gain control of a windows 7 based pc that is on the same network as I am. However, I want to only use my Windows 7 pc. Basically, I want to hack a Win7 PC using a Win7 PC.

I am on the same network and I have the IP addy of the target.
All I want to do is be able to upload my payload and have it execute on startup, or just execute once.
Any ideas? Please don't knock me for not using Kali.
Thanks for all your help in advance, DD

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You can install metasploit on windows and use it to create payload but it is not stable. Metasploit is software for linux, it works much better !

I havn't ever used metasploit, so I don't know how to use it to send my payload (or for that matter, even create my payload) to my target. I do have it downloaded though. What would be my first step after I install it?

First step is always to read and to try by yourself. Second step is when you are stuck to ask for help. So, read, you will get it.

Do you know of any good starter tutorials/articles to get me started with my project?

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