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Hello there!

Long story short - 2 days ago, when I was bored and was surfing through my beloved Null Byte, I found "how to" with name like "how to hack remotely anyone" with quite nice guide to set up server with rat, merging it with some jpg, bat or exe and then it is ready to go. I'm quite curious how it is working, and was hyped to try it with my friend, but when I finally start looking for this tutorial at home, I can't find it anywhere, I've literally gone through all of the 170 pages. Does anyone know if it was deleted or something, maybe someone has hard copy of it?

Thank you in advance!

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I don't really know what tutorial you are talking about but there are lots of tutorials online on how to do that and you should be able to find similar tutorials here. It all depends on your creativity. You can create a backdoor with metasploit and bind that to shell. But you will have to encode it since a lot of antivirus programs can easily detect it, that's where the binding comes in. Hope this helps.

-Wuzi Out-

Our guides don't get deleted, so you just might have missed it in the great numbers.
If the 'search' box in this site wasn't much help in recover the guide, you can try with some google-fu
" hack anyone rat bat exe"
or just use any keyword you clearly remember.

Is this what you're looking for?


Thank you very much for amount of links, I will look into them as unfortunately they are not what I was looking for, but I will make them useful for me somehow.

This tutorial was a little bit different, mostly because it wasn't tool used in CL, it had GUI (simple as hell, but GUI), and this tool helped to create malware with server, then basically anyone who opened it was instantly connected to hacker/sender. Then it has short tutorial how to bind it into some file, and voila!

It sounded a little bit strange, as it wasn't any exploit in metasploit, neither some popular RAT like DarkComet, that is why I wanted to test it so badly :D

Thanks anyway guys!

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