Forum Thread: Revenge to Jerk of a Roommate

so here is a situation. I am living with my sister and her boyfriend who is eternal student. he sits around in our apartment all day long doing nothing but working out and watching movies, and bossing around btw. but when he is home alone, he is stealing my stuff and i've had enough of that. so i want to make revenge to make him miserable. i want to hack his computer in order to do that. he is running win 10 on his pc, and he is connecting to the same home network as i am. i made a quick research on win 10 exploits, but i had no luck finding usefull information. please help!

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1) don't hack him
2) tell him to stop stealing your stuff
3) move out/lock up your stuff

Understand the frustration but hacking him won't solve it

First of all, thank you guys for your response. Thing is that he thinks that I am stealing his stuff, which of course is not true, so he is convinced that he's not doing anything wrong. I can't talk to him because he thinks of himself as an alfa and he would beat the shit out of me. I am scared, I admit, but this is now war, and phisically I can't do shit... Camera is out of option because I don't have one, but even if I did and record him, police won't give a shit because I live in a shitty country with shitty laws. That being said, if I hack him and if he finds out and of he gather evidence, which I doubt, noone will give a shit. Btw: Starting today, I am locking my room. And soon enough I am moving out, but revenge is revenge, and it is a bitch.

If you want to I have a tutorial for you that might help and it is Legal :)

yea...I see this a lot in people that don't understand hacking. you say I want to hack him to make him do you plan on making him miserable once hes 'hacked'? post his favorite porn site to his facebook? lock him out of his facebook? steal his bank info (super crime)? listen to phoenix and the rest and if you're afraid of physical violence get a taser. Nothing drops an 'alpha' faster than a million volts to a fleshy part of the body.

Better equip some pepper spray as a contingency... or for more fun!

yeah, taser is a good idea! I like it very much. anyway, by making his life miserable, I ment to dig up some dirty shit about him and use it against him in some way.

OK, Here are my thoughts on this. Take a drop of nail polish remover (just one drop) and put it in his coffee. He will crap for a week. It is not fatal. A mate of mine at work a few years ago did this when an 'Alpha" always took a sip of her coffee even though she told him not to.

After that, he never went near the stuff. I am NOT saying you should do this. It is a thought. Just a thought. Just a thought. Just a thought. Just a thought. ....

I have the best idea for a revenge for you. Replace his collection of movies with the most terrible ones, then tie him onto a chair while he's trying to watch them. MAKE HIM WATCH ALL OF THEM. SHOW NO MERCY, HOWEVER HE MAY SCREAM!

Tie him to a rope and hang it from the ceiling if he is refusing to watch them, and tape his eyes open. And if he attacks you, tranquilise him.

You might even prefer to try this, though I don't recommend that.


Well then, that's enough television for you.

access the the your home network and block his mac address from connecting ? simple but very frustrating ....

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