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Looked everywhere. Can't find an answer. Maybe I'm typing in the wrong words. Does anyone know of a free site too look up a phone number? I think it's called reverse look up but not sure.

Thank you,
The corn

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There are literally hundreds of reverse lookup sites, but they often don't include cell numbers.

You can use facebook to lookup someone, just paste the number in the search box and if there is someone connected with the number he will be the top result, regardless of any of his settings.

And this site:
Just found truecaller:

This thing found my email adress, I don't even use its app or have any social media account. I feel watched. NSA is at us again.

Yeah I found a ton. But they all cost money. I was just wondering if anyone has found a free one. I am continuing too look myself and will post if I find one.

Pipl does phone numbers, maybe not cellphone numbers though.

I found out it was a landline.

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