Forum Thread: How to Reverse a Meterpreter Shell Back to the Attacker?

Hello people ,

I was curious and i wanted to know if it's possible to : Reverse an opened connection from our computer back to the attacker.. what i mean is :

Let's say that someone opened to our computer a meterpreter session or even a shell , can we reverse that , and connect back to him ? like reversing the reversetcp connection ? or something like that , like counter-attack or something.

Thank you .

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I do not know exactly if it is possible as I have also taught about this sometime ago and didn't find any feasible solution. What would be possible would be to find the address that connected to your box. It could also only be possible if the hacker used a custom code that was vulnerable and you too knew the inner working of the code to get back at him. But let's think for a moment, who would build a shell to used against him. As I stated above, you can only find the address and maybe start attacking it, that is, only if the hacker did not route connections through vpns and proxies.

# Sergeant

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