Forum Thread: Reverse_tcp (payload.exe) Autorun on Victim Pc?

Hi all,

I was wondering if it it is possible to make a reverse_tcp (payload.exe) Autorun on Victims Pc?
If yes i would like to know how.. if there is any script or maybe a tool that makes payloads autorun.

Thank you all for ur response.

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Autorun is usually disabled on today's PCs, so the common way to do this is to make a USB Rubber Ducky, or BADUSB. I'm not sure how to do this, however :/. Hope I could help.

Thanks for that advice, but if i want to send my payload over wan than it looks like chances are small for an autorum, I have read somewere about an exploit over the internet browser some kind of steganography to hide the payload in a JPEG and delivering it through a web page, and the victim has only to view the JPEG on the page in the browser and he get infected with trojan, the tool is called stegosploit its just very hard to find it i coulnd find!

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