RoboBook : Introduction Part 1

Hey guys,

As you may already know, Phoenix750 made a series on Electricity and Electronics. So, speaking about electronics, I decided I will make a tutorial series on robots, what they are and how to make them. What I do hope to cover in these tutorials are:-

  • What robots are?
  • Platforms in which you can make them?
  • How to make a simple robot to a robot which is almost independent, ie: AI.
  • How to make robots with specific uses, like vacuuming automatically, etc.
  • How to make a computer
  • Lots more!

So I hope you guys will stay tuned to learn how to make robots by following the RoboBook series.

NOTE : Reading Phoenix750's series before reading mine is recommended as that series provides a basic understanding of electricity which is needed for every robot maker.

2 Responses

Interesting, I'd love to see how robots can be used for hacking.


wow! I am waiting for the next installation of this series!

Sher EL

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