RoboBook : Introduction Part 1

Hey guys,

As you may already know, Phoenix750 made a series on Electricity and Electronics. So, speaking about electronics, I decided I will make a tutorial series on robots, what they are and how to make them. What I do hope to cover in these tutorials are:-

  • What robots are?
  • Platforms in which you can make them?
  • How to make a simple robot to a robot which is almost independent, ie: AI.
  • How to make robots with specific uses, like vacuuming automatically, etc.
  • How to make a computer
  • Lots more!

So I hope you guys will stay tuned to learn how to make robots by following the RoboBook series.

NOTE : Reading Phoenix750's series before reading mine is recommended as that series provides a basic understanding of electricity which is needed for every robot maker.

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I was actually planning to cover most of these subjects too. But I've been moving too slow because I'm really busy with school...


Interesting, I'd love to see how robots can be used for hacking.


wow! I am waiting for the next installation of this series!

Sher EL

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