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Hello guys.Me and my friends put our hands on a raspberry pi.We want to make a robot.We know how to make it.But the programming part is hard.What language should we use.We have a guy that knows javascript and one that knows python.What is the best language for this kind of job?

Thanks guys

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C++ Can always help, You should be able to make it with those 3, Good luck

so what kind of things you wanna do ? what do you mean by robot ? if you want to automate tasks, python will do the job.

As far as I know, Raspberry pi is thought to work with python.
Example: even though Piface is controllable with Java, it is based on Python.

Consider Arduino too.

Hi there

I would strongly recommend Python, being perfectly suited for the Pi, with excellent socket/http libraries, and easy control of the Pi's GPIOs.

My friend and I used Python for a bot we made with a Pi, the code's here if you wanted to take a look at our approach :)

Hope that helps.

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