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Hello guys.Me and my friends put our hands on a raspberry pi.We want to make a robot.We know how to make it.But the programming part is hard.What language should we use.We have a guy that knows javascript and one that knows python.What is the best language for this kind of job?

Thanks guys

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C++ Can always help, You should be able to make it with those 3, Good luck

so what kind of things you wanna do ? what do you mean by robot ? if you want to automate tasks, python will do the job.

As far as I know, Raspberry pi is thought to work with python.
Example: even though Piface is controllable with Java, it is based on Python.

Consider Arduino too.

Hi there

I would strongly recommend Python, being perfectly suited for the Pi, with excellent socket/http libraries, and easy control of the Pi's GPIOs.

My friend and I used Python for a bot we made with a Pi, the code's here if you wanted to take a look at our approach :)

Hope that helps.

I am going to start a series called "Electronics for Hackers" later this week. We will start with a quick overview of basic electricity and then get to work making things like radio jammers and "USB bombs" (USB sticks that completely destroy a device when plugged in). I thought it would be useful to you, Cezar.


I'm looking forward to that, Phoenix750!

Same here.

Nice Phoenix, nice

Thanks for the positive feedback! I wanted to make these series a few weeks ago already, but i was doubting if it would be welcome here at Null Byte, because most of us seem to focus on software hacking, but completely ignore the posibilities of using electronics in cyber-warfare!


Hey can i hijack the thread too ? I asked myself a few days ago if some tutos about How to defend against attacks would be appreciated, this may start some debates to find a best way

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