Forum Thread: Root LG H960tr?

Hey guys, umm I have been wondering if i can root LG H960tr (Turkey firmware) . I tried King and kingoroot. I have tried odin but it wants me to unlock the bootloader which i cant find a specific tutorial for this Phone, so looked up to the H960A tutorial, but i Got stuck after typing this in the adb command prompt "adb reboot bootloader" what happens is it Just boots back into the kernel. And yes i enabled oem unlock, and debugging. Although i heard that you can flash a TOT or kdz files. I will try to flash an android 7.0 nougat kdz after theres no other choice left, and will try to root again with nougat 7.0 (mines currently lolipop) because some say it might work after upgrading. If that doesnt work either they Said you can flash an already rooted or unlocked TOT or kdz file, can someone provide me a file like that if it even exists.If that doesnt work too please find another way. Im ready to try anythin.

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