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TOR is a great service for anonymity. However, if you want to use it in Kali, you'd have to install the Tor Browser, which is not very customizable and it only hides browsing. I tried out Backbox Linux, and liked it due to some extra tools and good graphics, but I couldn't give up Kali. I tried copying some files into proper locations and debugging it to work with Kali. I copied the debugged files to another computer, and it didn't work. So I did some research, and I found something that might work: TorGhost.

Installing TorGhost

To clone the project off of GitHub, type this into a terminal:
*git clone
cd torghost*

If you want to run the install file, you need to change the file permissions:
*chmod +x
# ./*

If you want to run TorGhost type:
*torghost start*

And if you want to stop it, simple type:
*torghost stop*

That's It!

You should now have TorGhost installed! You can now route traffic through The Onion Router! Anything done on the Internet on your computer will be router through the Tor server. That means scanning, browsing, and exploits.

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Only issue is that FBI monitors it. To be more secure I'd suggest proxychaining through a VPN on public wifi ;)

The gov can only spy on you if they target you directly.

how do you proxychain through vpn

Strongly suggest avoiding TOR. @Alice see my reply to you bb

@Alice Jones, load up Kali Linux and open terminal where you can enter :

leafpad /etc/proxychains4.conf
(edit preferences here to either dynamic/random/ or strict chains)

(also add proxies and port # at the bottom and add a # to the TOR address because TOR isn't good for redirecting traffic when the FBI monitors it ;) )

Once that file is configured open a new terminal and test it by typing:

proxychains4 firefox
(the syntax is : proxychains4 (application or event to proxy)


Please google VPN services as I do not have a direct answer for you on which VPN to use, however when you want to proxychain through a VPN the first step is starting the VPN service AND THEN activating proxychains :)


Where can you get good, working proxies for free?

Samair or hidemyass (dot) com

OK. I've tried SamAir.RU but it didn't work and HideMyAss showed no proxies...

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