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Hello. I have router and I need to have remote access to it. There is an option to set allowed IP's, but when I enter for all, it will say Invalid IP. What should I do when I need access from all computers (I don't want to enter my IP there) ?

Thanks for any answer!

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didn't get what u r saying. do u mean to say remote access to your LAN router? or You want help, where somebody remote wants to administer your router configuration. OR You are troubleshooting someone else's router, say a friend or a relative. Or You are an administrator for a remote network. be specific as much as you can.

this subnet mask means host only address. It means you are on the end of a point-to-point link, and are not routed through.

I mean someone else's router. I used on another router and it worked. its a broadcast address... Its weird you got access to another router trough this.

I believe that setting you are talking about is for IP addresses inside your lan. If you want to access your router from the outside (wan), I think there is an option in the security settings mentioning something like "remote web access" , maybe its near the dynamic dns configurations

No! It worked on WAN! means all IP addresses...

You need to look up the directions for the specific router you are trying to configure. Each make and model has a different way of doing this. Some use the some have a check box some use * and so on.

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