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As i found out to write a meterpreter script i need ruby programming language. I seacrhed on the internet and i got to offensive-security site , title custom scripting. I tried out there examples and i got errors, the say to print the comand is print_status("Hello World") but on another site i found that the comand is print "Hello World", the last one worked but on that site they didn't have things that you use in meterpreter so if you know a tutorial about rubby in meterpreter please tell me

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The payload works by connecting back to ur computer btw...
If u start learning u will need to learn internet stuff with ruby.....

I prefer still python but here is a nice website for some programming languages

To learn more advanced stuff about ruby search on your search engine: ruby for hacking/ethical hacking/or idk what else

So python is also accepted for meterpreter?


did u alredy buy the book ?? the normal python bundle doesnt include that stuff that u need for scripting, hacking ..... i think the second one has that

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