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What language should i choose?
I would like to learn Ruby but i dont know if it has the same capabalities as Python?
What language is better for a hacker?

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Why not learn both?


I just had a similar conversation with OccupyTheWeb, but I was looking at it Perl vs Python. I had learned some Perl awhile back and lately have been playing with Python. Like Ghost said try and learn both. That can be easier said than done of course due to time limitations and ability to pick up the language.

For me I am going the Python route for now. There are tons of places on the web to learn this quickly and easily. You have to find which teaching style works best for you, video? reading? both? I like videos with some hands on exercise, I'm more or a "use it to learn it" style.

youtube has tons of "learn python" style videos and I've enjoyed the vids this guy puts out.. short/simple to the point and easy to pick up the basics quickly and then easier to move on later to something meatier.

I think there are 25 videos on the series.

good luck

Whichever one you go with, it will make it much easier to eventually learn the other. Though there are significant differences between languages, their are also many similarities. Just choose one, and go, and when you do start learning the other, you will probably be glad to find that you don't feel like you are starting from scratch again. I went with Python myself, because it just seemed to be everywhere, and have a thumb in so many pies, by which I mean it's being used for pretty much everything, except situations where real speed is needed, or where an interpreted language (as opposed to say a compiled one like C) wouldn't be appropriate(like, say, running some software on a plane or something, where you don't want to realize you have an error only half way through running your program). However, I haven't delved that deeply into ruby yet, and it's possible you could say the same things for it. With Python, I have been able to write games(pygame/kivy), make apps/games for android(kivy) and use it for creating websites cleanly and quite easily using frameworks like django/webapp2. I started with the cs101 course on Udacity dot com. It introduces you to the fundamentals of Computer Science through Python and has you build a web crawler in about 7 weeks. It's a great course, and I would highly recommend it if you go the Python route. Best of luck.

Programming skills are undoubtedly in high demand and learning a programming language can help you break into in-demand fields like web development, data analysis, machine learning, etc. Wondering which programming language to learn first?

Here, we are waging a tug-of-war between Ruby and Python and find out which programming language is the winner!

Ruby and Python, both the languages were incepted in the mid-90s, with different philosophies, in order to address needs in the programming community.

Both the languages are dynamic, flexible and object-oriented and have different set of functionalities. Ruby is mostly known for meta programming and widely used in web development whereas Python programming skills are highly sought-after by the data science community.

Therefore, which language is better isn't a question of capability rather an alignment of features & functionalities to your project requirements.

So, find out your own winner programming language between Ruby vs. Python in the infographic.

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