Forum Thread: Run Hydra Through Series of Proxies?

I've been trying to crack my email password, but after 150 or so attempts, hydra stops giving the correct password even when I know it is in my password list. I assume this is because the smtp server is blocking my ip after so many attempts. I thought I could get around this using proxy chains, but if I do I don't get the right password at all, even after no wrong attempts. Is there a way of cycling through proxies, changing every 150 attempts, in order to get around this issue?


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I have the same problem :/

Isn't it annoying?
There must be some way of doing it, otherwise Hydra would be a pretty obsolete program to use?

Bruteforcing most of the website will get you blocked or ask to solve captcha without proxies. How the hell am I supposed to solve this problem?

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