Forum Thread: How to Run Windows Commands Outside the OS?

I'm trying to make a password reset utility and I think that the easiest way is to run the net user command on a specified user. I am thinking about making an iso that asks you to select a user, and then runs a command for windows to reset it. Does anyone know how i could do this? If this would not work, can anyone give some insight as to how password reset utilities work, or how the command itself works, so i can do it manually.


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Well I know there are 2 ways to reset password in a windows machine.
1)Within the Windows OS with the sticky-keys bug(google it)
2)Booting from another OS(for ex. Kali , you can use the chntpw tool)
I think the only way you can do this , is to make an iso that can do the sticky-keys bug and thats it.
P.S - I dont know how to make an ISO .But hope this helps you a little bit

Thanks for the reply, but i was aware of that already. I should have probably been more clear. I am trying to make my own utility as an exercise to better my coding skills. I was hoping to make an iso of some sort,but instead of editing the sam file, boot into some sort of command prompt, which, since it's not logged on, would be system and do the same thing as the utilman exploit and automate the net user password reset. So, to conclude i was asking if there is a way to do that, and if not, how i can safely edit the sam file in a bootable os like other tools such as chntpw, or do something like kon boot. I would like to code it myself, and not use any premade tools.

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