Forum Thread: How to Schedule a Comand in Linux?

For some time i had been using reaver to crack some WEP'S.Some routers are pre configured to recognise a bruteforce attack and blocks the mac address from doing further bruteforce say for some like 10 attempts.The router also recognises the MAC address and just blocking it from sending further requests.So,what i feel can be done is by changing the mac address after a specific time using the following command by just simply typing,

macchanger -r myinterface

I just want to run this command every one minute so that the required no of attempts complets within that time or else just run this command every time the warning comes occurs in the reaver can i schedule this command using any tool or using any other linux command??

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use cron :)
or make bash script with sleep command inside

Is cron a tool,will it come pre configured with Kali??
Or we can directly install it using "sudo apt-get install cron"
And can u please tell me the bash script required to run the command for a certain time.
I just completely mean could you please elobrate the answer.
Thank you

Cron is built into nearly every Linux distribution.

those bash script you just make never ending loop
and insert two command macchanger and sleep(10)
and these bash script change your mac address every 10 second
for using cron you have to run crontab -e

Thank you OTW and spikey myky

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