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My homework due next week is to hack into my school laptop and gain Admin access. The laptop has been "reset" to Windows 7 Professional and there is a username and password requirement when I start the computer (login screen). I got no idea how I'm supposed to do this because I can't even re-install Windows 7 Professional 'cause I get CD-ROM error :/

Any hints/idea's on how to succeed?

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No, I need admin access. I don't have the username nor the password for the laptop though. I had something like a bootable CD with some kind of program that gives me admin access / format hard drive to install a new Windows 7 Professional on it in mind.

No you dont need admin access. . There is a way to reset it with replacing the help button at logon screen with admin cmd... to reset the password...

Just google hack windows 7 password it will surely come up..

I know I dont need admin access but that is what my homework is all about!

Mission: "You're all getting a new laptop but... it's restricted! Your mission is to gain admin access to it in any way without replacing the hard drive. After you've gained admin access of the laptop I want you to send me a message on FB with pictures from your mobile with times/date. First one to complete it gets an apple! (maybe it's a computer/phone, maybe it's an apple."

I wish I had homework like that. What class is it for?

Yea.. when you login to cmd.. the password resets... then you can get admin access bro..

"Aspiring white-hat hacker"
"Security awareness playground"

Bud it's for school, to learn security stuff I'm not doing anything illegal because this site is not for that! >:(

No offense. I may have misunderstood, though you were going to acess school network by hacking a laptopt station.

There are at least 2 guides on this site that show you how to Admin that lappy.

I cracked my school laptop using a security flaw in startup repair.

I just started it up (you can get the option by turning your computer on and turning it off again before BIOS finishes or when windows starts) and waited for it to ask if i wanted to restore. Click cancel (if you restore you will fail) and another window should come up after a while.

Search for the notepad document with some privacy statement or something and click on the .txt link.

This should open up a notepad window.

Click file>open and change the drop option at the bottom to "all files"

Then you can access system32

Rename sethc(your sticky keys) to sethc1.

Then make a copy of cmd

Rename the copy of cmd to sethc (this will effectively turn sticky keys into command prompt)

Then you can finish startup repair making sure you dont restore your computer in the process.

Then when you turn on the computer you can press shift 5 times and open cmd. From there you can create a new admin account or change the password to the previous one. The options are unlimited.

Can you little go in depth, what is the notepad files location and name

Hehe. I was gonna bring that one up. Thats my favorite when you have physical access. You could also remove the HD and rename the files using another machine or pick a bootable linux flavor and modify it from a live distro. Use ophcrack to obtain the admin hash and run it through a rainbow table...reset via winpass... there's many ways to accomplish this. Good luck.

Well you both just described both of the detailed guides on this site. ;-)

I want to know "Well you both just described both of the detailed guides on this site. "

IF you have a bootable USB with Kali or backtrack it will be more
easier to replace sethc.exe with cmd.exe.
Just boot from usb and type
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
cd /mnt
cd Windows/System32
find cmd.exe
find sethc.exe
cp cmd.exe sethc.exe
and reboot.

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