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My question is as follow, is there a way to just take the harddrive from my school laptop out and put it in my stationary at home to get some sort of easy way to get admin on my school pc?

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You don't need to go that far to do what you aim for,,if i understand well you want to get admin privilege on your school pc.

First i don't advice you to do that , it could get yourself in trouble,,be aware of that.
If you don't care about getting caught you could go on and type :

net user (in a cmd prompt ), this will list all the users that are on the pc.

Most likely you will find a user named Administrator , it's present and usually not activated on most computer. You could also use any other username that you are sure that have admin privilege on the computer,

but i will use Administrator as example.

If you want to activate the default Administrator user just type:
net user Administrator /active:yes

net user Administrator *

(this will prompt you for a password to enter for the user, if the password was 1234, and you change it to qwerty for example it will change the password to qwerty and you will then be able to log into the computer with this acount and the password you choosed before for it)

Hope this helps

Well i have already done that while i waited for replies, i am currently logged in as administrator.
But i cant find a way to remove domain/group.

How can i avoid get caught now and still have the administrator rights as i probably cant just make my student account admin.

I noticed that i am administrator in school's domain i wonder if i am logged in as local admin or domain, im confused.

The computer must be running a pro or enterprise version of either Windows 7-8 or 10.
You can delete a group if you are admin and have total control to anything on the pc.
You could delete groups , delete users , add yourself in certain groups and so on.
But like i told you it's not a good idea to do that , if you get caught you will be in trouble.

I understand you mean good with the moral^^ but as now i wonder how can i see if i in control of the laptop? I am currenty in command promt and i just wrote "user accounts" and it say machine rol: workstation

I wonder what does this mean? And yes it is enterprise.

user acounts is not a command

First off, have you ever taken apart a laptop before? The hard drives are completely different from desktop ones. Even if you had the right equipment to load the hard drive up, it's too much of a hassle.

Just find some open source tools and crack the password for the admin accounts.

Since i was a baby.. But i am currenty new at things like this tho, but i have a good understandig.

Hey. Know what? Kon-Boot. v2.0.6. Torrent it if you will

Already got admin a easy way without any third party programs or tools!
Spare your self with such low comments with absolutely no contributions.

As for now i am stuck in a domain and want to remove domain without formating or reinstalling, so i wonder how am i going to proceed?

Hi, I have a problem related to this. I have local admin privilege (I used live usb to get root cmd on windows) but I want passwords of the domain accounts on enterprise windows 7/8. Any idea how to do that?

That is exactly what i tried to imply, i am stuck in a domain and want to get out of it without formating. The domain policy makes some settings in windows system not available and it is frustrating.

Hey dude I have a tut to get root if you want to read it. (sorry for self-promotion)

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