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Am not that smart but let me ask a question to answer your question. Are your victims close as in a network or private networks.

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No dude, that's so easy, I can go to victim's location and crack his wi-fi, search on Google, what is my ip and thats all of business.

I wanna get ip of victim from home, his is kilometers far of here.
Ethernet is for kiddies, I'm here for some serious stuff.
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Nemanja Jovic

Heheh, I posted First phase of hacking :)

I know, just take your own advice. Peace

# Sergeant

I'm looking for some good tools for gathering public ip, in past people used icq for founding ip addres and that was the biggest failure in network.

Thanks for responding, I want to get more and more options for hunting ip address because next month i will pay for CEH exam.

Best regards ,
Nemanja Jovic

Like you said, viewing email headers works (some of the time), but I personally would use a service like What's Their IP. That gives you three options of innocent-looking URLs that once they are visited, you get an email with the viewer's IP address.

All of that is very nice and usefull, but I will post next week topic about new research of hunting public IP address.

If you want the ip address of a specific person than you can trick them into clicking an IP harvesting link by going to If you want to find the IP address of their website, than you can just ping the website in your terminal by typing "ping (url)". Also, you can type in their website to to get more information on the registration.

you guys are giving info to a CIA !!!!

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