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Here I've consolidated some of kali's frequently used toolsets.
With Kali having north of 300 tools, it can get overwhelming.
To find and launch an array of tools and remember their path can cause a brain freeze.
I've created what's dubbed the script kiddies Kali that's menu driven.

menu.ogv - Google Drive

There's just too many folks to give credit to (here) for these great tools. This is a menu for easy access to kali's most used toolsets.

The toolsets and menu scripts can be found below:
Modify the script's path to fit your environment and tools.

1) Killchain –-
2) Fuckshitup –-
3) Discover --
4) Netools –-
5) BBQSQL -- sudo pip install bbqsql
6) Lazykali –-
7) Tangodown --

The menu script can be found here:

If you are having any problems, leave it in the Discussion below.
I hope you find some or parts useful.

As always, be safe. No harm no foul.

For anonimity see post How to: Transparently Routing Traffic Through Tor.

By: n0neXn0ne

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Nice script... ;);)

But youre encouraging script kiddies man... you dont wanna do that;);):);)

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