Forum Thread: [SCRIPT] Login Form in JavaScript

I've been messing around with Perl lately and no, I'm not gonna switch
to Py2 or Py3. The problem I'm facing at the moment, is I'm trying to
make a script to login into a site. The issue? Well, it isn't really a
issue, but more like, JavaScript is being somewhat annoying.

Normally, WWW::Mechanize would be able to login without the hassle of
JS, but of course, if the login form IS JavaScript, this is where things
get more complicated. I have looked into WWW::Mechanize::PhantomJS, but
it's kind of annoying and slow (Go figure! Interpreted languages are
slow). PhantomJS is in a sense, a wrapper for Selenium except in my
opinion, less annoying then Selenium. Anyways, any help is appreciated
and don't tell me to use Python.


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