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hello my question is
Why do hackers use scripting langauges instead of programming ?
is this the answer
the point of choosing a scripting language is to excute qucik and deadly attack/tasks
And NOT to create programmes only scripts

Also if i hack a network can i excute perl scripts on it ??
will i have to choose it as the payload or....

thank you for any replies

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My opinion is that script is an explain language, easy to learn and to program, cause it is no compile and so on.

No offence but don't give Advice to beggingers
Your gonna misguide them....

OTW can you permit this user from giving advice if I didn't have past computer background I would've got confused and mislead

  1. If a language is compiled it's faster
  2. so on... - why would you put that there short answer not even trying


If I remember correctly, you defended Romeo and Juliet's right to give incorrect and malicious answers to newbies. want me to ban someone for giving wrong answers even if well meaning? I'm not sure where you stand other than for you own self-interest.


Not asking you to ban the guy --
Correct him and tell him not to give it banning is on a next level situation

I defended him because

  1. Nothing bad happend(he didn't run the code)
  2. he was a experienced member
  3. and was helping me out on private message

This time I'm saying to this guy giving advice to my question his advice is incorrect it didn't misguide me coz I'm not a beginner I'm just saying

Otw correct him and to answer question he understands NOT ban him no one should be banned for this

Lol, it's happening again. XD

(Inside joke...)

XD aeast he didn't give me Malcous advice it was stupid advice which didn't make sense misleading and no effort put in

1.Scripting is a necessary skill for a Hacker.
But without knowing a programming language you cannot be a hacker.

2.Hackers prefer scripting languages to automate some tasks which can be done in programming language also.But scripting language is easy to write and edit.

3.scripting languages are very high level language which means more human understandable.


scripting language allow an person to write and work on a task easily and quickly, but in the case of programming language its not that easy.

Can I have replies from OTW cluffy and other experts

Not that late ;-p

Scripting languages are interpreted, thus portable, cross-platform (just generalising) and easy to find a way to run them (C needs a compiler, when not compiled for the specific target, and a lot of patience, you don't just study C syntax and go for it).

The difference I feel at my level of experience is that scripting languages are more "straight-forward" and... maybe "capable"? At least easier to be meant as capable...

Remember that behind those cool pics we got there are real people made out of flesh. "The expert" here is the entire community debeating ;-)

Can I run perl scripts on a victims network
Or when I'm doing a mitm attack

You bet. That's Metasploit's main strategy.

Also what does ports mean
Eg first we scan for open ports
Does that mean there scanning for open devices(router keyboard mouse)

Insert CompTIA complaining here

Ports are part of the NAT technology and are used by the router to let the computers in the LAN communicate trough the internet, allowing the router to know where an incoming connectiom should be forwarded in the LAN. In fact, ports are forwarded to IPs.

And can I know can I run scripts on a network I have hacked ??

If you have a meterpreter session you can upload your script and you can run the script.

You run scripts on a computer as a network does not have an interpreter.

I think you misunderstand this whole thing... hackers do both. It just depends on the purpose. For me, I like to think of programming as creating a completely new tool. I like to think of scripting as automating a huge process. At least that's just me.

Programming is creation. I feel like a new daddy evey time a script OR Program comes to life.

...and I care for it until I make a more beautiful one. Then I just forget about the last. :P

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