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hi, some time ago i used set credential harvester to get some passwords to fb accounts over the internet, but now when i try it makes the possible user and possible password "_user=0" and when i try with apache the txt file is blank.

can someone help me?

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O set just type, 1 I'll type just the numbers because I'm not in home,2,3,2, in the last number is the quest if I want a custom site or use a model that set has made, the problem is, any that I choose it returns the same error

Have you considered reinstalling set?

i had removed set, when i reinstall the errors come back, but i'm thinking that im getting close to fix this, come back later

Ok are you sure that your target is on the same network as you?

my dear, i use it trough the web, the target is not on my networks, when it was working right, I could use the internet, but now no more, you know?

Can you access the site on your localhost?

yes, the problem is the moment to capture the passwords

on localhost is the samething, the page loads but it dont get the passwords

I used credential harvester attack and cloned facebook site.Now after some days when im typing localhost in addressbar of browser,its showing cloned page of facebook instaed of apache index page.

It overwrites your index file with the cloned site. Just edit it back to what you want it to have. Located in /var/www/index.html


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