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Hello Everyone, I am new to the community here at Null Byte and have been tuning in for a few months. Recently, as I am starting to get into the rhythm of school, I wanted to expand my knowledge of coding. I am thinking of expanding my knowledge on either C, python, or Java. In particular, I am interested in cybersecurity. Recently, my father's system was infected with spyware, which segues into my question: How does spyware work? What language is it in? Is it possible to find and remove it? My father shut the system down and removed the power source until we can discover how to retrieve the information. It is my belief that understanding is the key to defending oneself from problems; I look forward to understanding more about these programs so I can better protect myself from this problem in the future. Thanks!


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Having the computer unplugged seems a little redundant. You never exactly explained the behavior of the "spyware" anyways so there is no way for anyone to directly link what programming language it is written in. I would suggest not being so paranoid and just clean your computer with antivirus, as for what programming language to learn it's really up to you, it comes down to taste. I am personally a python programmer, and i find it is a fun and easy language to learn.

'Retrieve the data'? Sounds more like a ransomware to me.

And malware doesn't have any special language, else they wouldn't run on every PC. It could be any that your system can run.

-The Joker

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