Forum Thread: How to See Your Opened Port on Your Android Device.(No Root)

Download termux on Google play (termux download)

Step 1: Download Nmap in Termux.

In order to see your opened port you'll need mnmap. To download it just open a new termux session and type the few next's commands one by one.

pkg update

Dont forget to press enter and wait until you see this sign ($). Once it's done type the next command

pkg install curl

Wait until you see the dollar sign and then type the last command.

pkg install nmap

If the installation is successful you can go to the second step.

Step 2: Finding Your Ip Address.

The second step is very easy, just click on the link and copy your ip address. (The big blue number). (link for your ip)

Step 3: Final Step

Get back on termux and type this single command.

nmap -Pn (youripaddress)

*important note
You must not type (myipaddress)
The command should look like this:
nmap -Pn 99.999.99.99
(this is not a real ip)

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