Forum Thread: How to Send Fake Emails

Hello guys, i was trying to send a fake e-mail with Social Engineering Toolkit. I am selecting:
1) Social-Engineering Attacks
5) Mass Mailer Attack
1) E-Mail Attack Single Email Address
I am doing everything right. But when i entered my gmail, i have this error. How can i fix this?

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Fucking Gmail fucking hackers since ever, You could try another email server by changing Gmail to Yahoo or whatever in "setconfig" file and try to use it Or try to disable that option in security setting

Edit: i managed to get it working by Going into my account setting and activating "Allow lower security apps

Hey, mind the words spoken.

Thanks dude

I can send emails now but they are seeing my real gmail account. Is there a way to fix it?

do apt-get install sendmail then go back to that setconfig file and look for sendmail and change False to True

Where is setconfig file? i looked with locate set.conf and locate setconfig but i cant find

Its called "setconfig'''
Edit: omg nullbyte fucks the format

Double edit: should be located at /etc/setoolkit its called setconfig with an underscore between set and config also its a python file so open it with gedit

I change set.config to SENDMAIL=ON and to SENDMAIL=True but nothing changed :/

Alright wait, Do you get the "FROM NAME" when trying to send the email using set?

I'm getting angry. NullByte dosen't "fucks the format". Learn some manners.

You tried changing it to Another name? like lulz or Facebook or whatever, if you did and it didnt work try updating kali ( you should probably install bleeding edges repos for more up to date Tools )

Well am getting tired, and am going to bed, you could also try turning sendmail back off ( False ) and i strongly recommend updating S.E.T

I am using ParrotSec and i dont want to update because if i update sms spoofing will be gone :( Is there a way without updating?

does sms spoofing really work in Parrotsec?

Yes, it does, @ANAMIKA.

Now, i activated sendmail. My config file was in /usr/share/set/config not in /etc/set. But now i can't send emails. Everything goes right but when i type END, it freeze. After 1-2 minutes, it backs to the main menu. Is there a way to fix this :(

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