Forum Thread: Server Hacking

Hello guys i was wondering how is it possible to hack a server and get credentials.
I mean,lets say you want to hack bank of america database.How is possible?
Why would they put the server with the credentials of people online?

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3 Responses

Pretty hardcore example ;);)

They keep the server available to all of their banks outlets ofcourse.. its gotta be online..
And also being online they can access it from anywhere
But so can we haha, thats where security comes in

There is a series on hacking databases.. maybe do phishing.. or you can check the site for vulnerabilities... theres a series for webapps too...

But you might get swat in your house while youre reading this ;);)

Hahaha,no mate i gave the first example i got in mind.

Now it striken me.It is a shitty post.I just realize that if the website with the database wasnt online,clients couldnt acces accounts.

LOL,i was soo dumb.
Dont worry,i dont do illegal stuff :))) :P

But if i were,i will use social engineering.Hacks/exploits/etc become useless everyday cuz of the AVs.And hacking database must be hard.Social engineering is a lot faster and better.And easy to learn.After all :There is no greater vulnerability than human stupidity"

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