Forum Thread: How to Set Up VPN in Kali Linux

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why site to client and not server to client?
and why to use Kali linux as server and not ubuntu fedora or centOS?
(i ask becos kali linux use a lot of memory)
and why not to use server in vmware?for exampel:
Kali linux to run in vmware and ubuntu server who has install openvpn ,
to be in vmware as well.
You think if you use cyberghost you will be protected?


I know that my question is not related, but why should I use another OS in a Virtual Machine?

Don't OS(es) run faster when they are dual booted?

Sorry for the n00biness


You can certainly dual boot if you'd like. I'm not arguing in favor of doing otherwise. Personally I wasn't able to successfully set up a dual boot on my machine so my set up is what it is. The purpose of running a different OS in a virtual machine have a different OS. Are you confused about why you would want to use a different OS or why you wouldn't set it up in dual boot rather than use a VM>

1.why a second os in virtual machine? well you dont want to leave all over your logs.
just remove from virtual machine and you leave no traces in your hdd.

  1. you dont have protection on any service online VPN,only in your own local server .

For VPN server try to use PfSense is very good and easy to install in
your virtual machine ;)
And is your and you do wathever you want with logs.(and is free)
Sory Anons 4Animals if i was hard with you.

Thx. I didn't think you were. Plus I don't mind people being hard if they're helpful and provide information rather than just criticize and say it's wrong. If it's wrong then say what it is that's right.

would these steps be the same if I am using a PIA VPN (i just got a paid subscription)?

I have been having quite a few issues getting it to work

I feel your pain. I worked on this issue for quite some time. I also have a paid subscription....2 actually. One is also with PIA. After much frustration, I finally gave up trying to get them configured and, after fumbling around with existing information out there, was able to come up with this. It works really well and it pretty easy to set up. If you have any problems, just let me know and I will help.

root@kali:/etc/openvpn# cd /usr/share
root@kali:/usr/share# cp /easy-rsa/ /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa
cp: cannot stat '/easy-rsa/
': No such file or directory

For some reason it will not read that directory. What could be the issue?
I had removed the / in front of /etc and then it gave me an error with the other folder.

My mistake. I will edit article.

The correct way to do this is:
cp /usr/share/easy-rsa/* /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa

I haven't tried this write up yet, but it sounds easy and majorly helpful. Using this VPN, it'll help conceal your IP/location of you while one would attempt to penetrate another host on the same local network?


does openvpn keep logs of their users?

you're setting up your own VPN so the only one with logs is you

omg thank you so much for this!!!!!!!! great article!!

hey ANONS4ANIMALS, tun0 shows up in ifconfig. but how i get my traffic through this tunnel? had i miss something? also is there a way to proof if my traffic is encrypted now?


what to you mean? When your vpn is tunning and tun0 is running, that means your traffic is going through the tunnel. You can visit to confirm that the VPN has successfully assigned a different public ip to your system

ok how does it actually work? for example other vpns when examined by ip address show different location so if we are running our own vpn..will it reveal our location? can it be traced back to us?

It works like any other VPN except that you have full control. When logged in, if you go to, you can see that the VPN has successfully changed your public IP address.

everything worked fine but my ip didnt change :/ ..i guess its beacause im behind a wifi modem

hey guys!

i run kali linux on virtual box on windows 7 and i use cyberghost 5 as a vpn on windows, can this make me anonymous while i use tools on kali?

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