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Microsoft has added a feature to Windows 10 pro insider preview that we can update our computers faster by getting updates from more than one place and choosing "PCs on my local network, and PCs on the Internet" option in Windows updates advanced settings. but this is vague. i don't know how this works! I have multiple PCs that have Windows 10 10130 pro Insider installed on them and updates are coming regularly in big sizes so I want to use this feature to update only one computer and let others get the updates just from that computer by choosing "PCs on my local network" in the settings. since some of the other computes aren't on the same subnet I want to know how to specify an Internal IP address for other computers on different subnets to find my computers and which ports do i need to open for this to work? I've seen many guides like this ()guide

but they are for Windows servers. Windows 10 has some options in group policy for specifying an intranet address to get updates from but i need to be sure if it works. does anyone have any ideas about how this works on Windows 10 machines? this is a nice feature added to Windows 10 and the RTM version is coming about soon but there is no guides on the web about it. Thanks in advance

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They have to be on the same network, it sounds like.

This is a new feature that Microsoft is trying to implement in windows 10. There is very limited information on it yet. What I could find explains that this will simply allow Windows 10 to make a peer-to-peer connection to download updates from multiple sources. Depending on what option you choose it can either be on your local network or from computers on the internet. Meaning one computer on your network could download the updates, then the other computers will download the updates from it. There seems to be very little control over the process. This brings obvious security concerns.

WSUS is used in Active Directory environments to control the entire update process. It allows an admin to download all updates to the WSUS server then distribute the updates to the computers in the domain how and when every the admin wants.

Thanks for explanation. so can we specify the IP address of the computer we want to download the updates from? I searched for WSUS in windows servers but they need to provide a URL and port. If we can provide an IP address then it won't matter if that computer is on the same network or another network. am i right?

Did you setup and configure a WSUS server? If so you specify it via http://servername:port . You can still cross networks with that as long as you have DNS and routing configured properly. Like if your server sits on 192.168.1.X network and your clients sit on 192.168.4.X network.

I don't have a Windows server. i Have 2 Windows 10 Insider preview pro. so how can i set up a WSUS on any of them?

This sounds like MS are using their "branchcache" technology here, its been available on previous versions of Windows but only used in corporate networks to help small remote offices cut down on bandwidth.

We use it with WSUS to do just this, sounds like MS have baked this in to Windows 10.
I havent looked in to it but It may just need to be turned on in the "Product & Features".

Oh and by the way, you generally dont need to configure it as it will find nodes on your local network that are also set as nodes in the branchcache

This is me assuming though as I havent read up on it yet :P

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