Forum Thread: Set Wireless Attack

What I did -
1) open set
2) press 1 for se attacks
3) press 7 for wireless attack vectors
4) press 1 for start ap
5) enter wlan0 for interface
6) press enter
7) no changes to rhe conf file... press ctrl+x to exit the file...
8) select 2 for range of ips
9) press enter
10) connect to ap from mobile

Problem - when I try to connect to the ap.. it stucks on obtaining ip address. . What do I do??

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Could be a DHCP issue. Are you sure DHCP is bound/listening on the wlan0 interface? Do you see DHCP requests? You might see them in your /var/log/messages or a separate dhcpd log somewhere.

Whats that?? Educate me a little??
If its not listening on wlan0.. then how do I make it??
And btw I only have wlan0.. no ethernet cable connected...
And I entered wlan0 when set asked for it...

Fundamentals, brother. First Google around and learn what DHCP is and how it works. Then, use the Step 4 in my article - Other Network Services. Install a DHCP server on your linux test box. You'll want to understand basic networking first. In a nutshell, DHCP - Dynamic Host Control Protocol hands out IP addresses out of an address pool to hosts that request an IP when it tries to join a network.

You'll want to learn what public/private IPs are. What NAT'ing is. Basic subnetting and some basic routing and then tackle installing a DHCP server.

It's obvious that you're very hungry to learn, but I highly recommend you pump the brakes for a week or two and buff up on some fundamentals. The experts on this site can point you to 'what' you need to learn. You just have to push pause for a bit, learn the fundamental, and then push play. Do that first and then tackle some of the more complex things you've been going after. It'll bear fruit for you later, trust me.

I know that dhcp gives out ip addresses... but I dont know how
I knwo what public and private ips are and ive helped 5 or 6 people about it too ;);)
I kniw about nat and port forwarding..

So is the problem that the dhcp cant assign the io?? But how do I fix that??
I need to learn the config file which I cant really seem to figure out...
An evil twin with airbase has the same issue as set.. stuck on obatining ip
But mana works fine...

Well thnx ;);)

Good, sounds like you need to concentrate your efforts on the DHCP protocol and configuration.

Set up a DHCP server from scratch on a test box to learn the config and how you bind it to different interfaces. Keep practicing and honing your troubleshooting skills overall.

Is DHCP running? Is it bound to the correct interface? Is it already running under a configuration for Mana (I'm not familiar with mana)? Are there firewall rules preventing DHCP requests/replies? Is the dhcp server being started/called correctly from the SET software? And so on.. You can answer all of these questions by digging around, googling, and learning how to configure a DHCP server in your home lab.

Thank you... ill surely look into it!!

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