Forum Thread: Setting Up a 14.04.4 LTS Ubuntu Server to Hack.

Greetings fellow studens of the Null byte community.

I'm still a student so still learning so excuse me if my questions seems silly or not making any sence :).

So here i go,

I've just downloaded Kali linux + a Ubuntu 14.04.4 server on the Oracle Virtualbox. And i? currencly setting up Mail servers,FTP,abache, server to later on start to hack:)

Now my question after making those functions on the server. Does this seem a good beginners project to do? :) I've just finished the Linux basic commands and the Recon how to's . so thats my skills atm.

Also would anyone mind showing my a little guide direction on starting to exploit a server on my local virtual net. I? still new so i cant script yet but i wanna become better :)

Thanks everyone for reading this.


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excellent beginners project indeed and your choice of Ubuntu is good for this reason alone:

Ubuntu uses the same packaging management system as Debian, and Kali uses the same as Debian, so as you learn new Linux commands, you can use them on either Linux distros. You'll also find it handy when you search online for Kali Linux help, you might find the answer on a Debian or Ubuntu forum, thus lowering the linux learning curve.

Next install should be: LAMP (How to Install LAMP on...)

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