Forum Thread: Setting Up Target OSes and Kali Network Configuration?

Hey guys, so I want to install target OSes in Virtual Machines to practice, but all of the supposed pre-activated OSes still require me to give product key when I select the ISO from my Downloads folder for the Virtual Machine. Also, what network settings should I use for Kali Linux in VirtualBox? It appears that I can't connect to the internet when it's on the NAT setting. Thanks!

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First, you VM's should be set to network in bridged mode. Second, you can get most Microsoft OS's with a 6 month temporary license that doesn't require a key.

why not just use a host-only network of your Kali box and your targets? i mean, you won't need internet anyway since you are only going to conduct tests in your own lab. that's the way i do it, and it pays of really well.

On-Topic: most Windows OS's have a 30-day trial period. but you can reset this trial period by opening CMD as administrator, going to your System32 directory, and enter the following:

slmgr.vbs /rearm

DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR HOST MACHINE! because when you use the /rearm function, your current active license will be removed!

I do think /rearm only works a few times 5-10 something like that, but as phoenix said it is a good way to keep using your windows unactivated for a while.

I see. Thanks guys. I've set up my target OSes, so I guess I'm supposed to set them to bridge mode.

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