Forum Thread: SHA1SUMS Kali Linux

I followed the guide on how to verify signatures in kali, the end result i'm getting after issuing the verify command is

gpg: can't open 'SHA1SUMS.gpg'
gpg: verify signatures failed: file open error'

i followed the steps exactly the way they are shown in the kali website. Does this mean i should get a new one as it can't be verified? because i never got good signature response

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3 Responses

How about just downloading a fresh copy from Then move on into variables land.

I just verified the SHA1SUM, but i read that's for seeing if the file was intact like the original. I found i had to download the SHA1SUM and SHA1SUM.gpg SERPERATLY which wasn't mentioned very well.

I kind of knew the file was good that way, spent an exciting day learning to SHA1SUM! but anyway, SHA1SUM isn't used to authenticate for seeing if the copy came from a legitimate source is it? i read it isn't.

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