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Im trying to write a shell script that will automate most task's. but i am new to shell scripting, im am an advanced php developer but for some reason failing to get my head around this.

My pseudo code ....
# bish/bash/bosh etc
echo "Starting Wifite"
Sleep 50 # allow wifite to start and scan.
xdotool key ctrl+c
## carries on with automating wifite

The idea is that the shell will open wifite in the console and carry on with the commands, but my question is when wifite opens obviously the shell script stops until wifite is stopped, which i can only seem to do manually,

How can i get my shell to interact with programs that its open i.e wifite

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see my tutorial about automated bash exploiter , you might get an idea

Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

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