Forum Thread: Should Edward Snowden Be Celebrated or Condemned?

Edward Snowden was a NSA contractor who took information that showed that the NSA is spying on all of us. Now he is in Russia, a man without a country. Should he be celebrated as a whistleblower who showed the world that the NSA is conducting illegal spying on U.S. citizens and citizens of all nations or be be condemned as traitor and send the rest of his life in exile or in prison?

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5 Responses

He should be celebrated as this will hopefully lead to atleast some restriction to government spying. Although it will never stop altogether. I also have a question regarding backtrack 5. If i was able to get the password to a remote computer and i have the ip address, is there a way to remote view this computer secretly using backtrack even if it has antivirus and is a windows 7 computer?


If you already have the password, you certainly don't need backtrack. Just login with the password.


Yes but remotely and preferrably discreet while viewing? Im just curious if backtrack already has software on it that can do this.

Mr. Snowman is a HERO....And as such should be treated as one. Athough i doubt that will ever happen..But i and the Founding Fathers Of The United States commend him on his sacrifice....

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