Forum Thread: Should I Have a Computer Just for Hacking?

Basically, I'm having a new computer, because of work related reasons. But my older computer is still pretty good (16 gb of memory, intel® Core™ i7 4700HQ Processor) and I'm interested in white hat hacking, among other stuff. Should I use my old computer just for hacking? What are the advantages of having a computer just for hacking? For instance, I have a VPN service on the old computer - if, by any reason, someone is able to hack or stole my old computer will they be able to reach my new computer (assuming that this last does not have VPN)? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Don't browse and download (random stuffs) with your hacking os. 'cause kali is vulnerable. Otherwise you don't need a computer just for hacking.

Dual boot with some other os, and use it for non hacking related stuffs.

Why would Kali be more vulnerable then any other Linux distribution? Aside from it having a root account by default. You can set up a normal user and run every general purpose application without root.

You could get a raspberry pi and load Kali onto it and have a mobile pentesting platform. You could also just use a USB stick to boot it up anywhere you want.

There are plenty of options, just pick which one suits your needs the best.

Problem with that is that you run into processing power issue. Kali is a great learning platform but not applicable in any way. The USB stick is a great idea though. It is something that I have dont and I think more people should use. You would be surprised at how many computers allow for you to boot off of a USB.

it depends on your goal for this reason. If you want to achieve higher anonymity by using a separate PC, it will help you in a few ways, however the difference is not that big, depending on your skills towards anonymity of course.

the advantages of having a separate PC are in my opinion that you can literally keep it completely separate from your real identity, and you dont have to worry about something downloading in the wrong place or what not by sharing OS. However I wouldnt really say there are any disadvantages other than having to explain what your additional PC is for to your mates.

I think it's a waste to have a computer like that just for hacking. If you really don't use it, why don't you use it has a victim instead? It's easier to just dual boot your attacker and use your old pc as a victim. Advantages? If you don't have the experience, VM's might get complicated to deal with if you want to hack wan, for example. Also, VMs can be slow dpending on your pc and how you run them. I dind't get your vpn question. I don't see how having a vpn service can make a second unrelated computer vulnerable.

On a complete side note, it's pretty funny that you want to learn hacking, but you provide every piece of basic information to be a hacking victim on your profile

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