Forum Thread: Should I Screw Win10 - Even if Its "Hardened"?

Hey there guys,

I currently struggle a bit. I have been using Windows10 now for a while, but from time to time i feel like I'm watching into a surveillance camera when i look into my Laptop.

I have some kind of hardened my Windows10 ISO - Used the enterprise N version, removed all the apps and features from the WIM imag before installing and before connecting to the Internet for the first time, i try to disabled/block everything i can find which has anything to do with telemetry/spy/etc.

So, after talking with some experts (Well, most of them were Security Researchers, Pentester and vulnerability researchers) they still do prefer older Version of Windows - Or, even Linux, but after using Linux for like 2 Years full-time I switched back to Windows and use Linux in various VM's from here - mostly it is Windows 7, but also 8.1.

I'm currently thinking about to screw Windows10 - even tho it has some neat features, which still can be "ported" into older version, except for the newer/better powershell.. - and clean install Windows 7 or 8.1, block everything, disable GWX and just use it.

I do have hardened my Win10 machine as much as I can, but i still feel like being watched - Never had this feeling under 8.1 when i used it before Win10.

So, yeah.. What do you guys think about it? I now i could screw Windows completely and go full-time Linux or dual-boot or whatever, but I stopped using Linux because I had to google for so many issues which stopped my productivity, I noticed it is mostly hardware related (exotic Laptops and such), so I prefer to use Windows, but not sure if Win10 is the right choice here since we know all the settings/options are mostly placebo, even blocking IP's in the hosts file is not even working correctly since Windows hard-coded their stuff into their systems.


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I personally use Windows 10 when I am playing games and nothing else. use ParrotSec OS 99% of the time.


So a dual-boot would be my best bet?

I was thinking about it already, but not sure..I want the best potential from the little SSD i have (256GB), I also have some Virtual Machines on the SSD (especially windows ones) for faster interacting and doing a dual-boot would shrink it hardly, no?

I have one 120GB SSD and one 1TB HDD. I partitioned my SSD in half, so every install get's 60GB. I did the same with my HDD, every installation gets 500GB to store data on. Thus far, it has worked like charm.


Phoenix, why do you prefer Parrot over Kali?

Taking into account your concerns over using Linux full time, I would suggest ditching Windows 10 and going back to Windows 7 and running Linux inside a VM. Ride that wave as long as you can.

I bet you that windows 7 has all the stuff windows 10 has but running silently. Even xp was a spying machine, google NSAKEY.

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